Our concept

In the art space of Urban Art Kids, children from the age of 4 playfully deal with the medium of art. Our workshop program includes a wide range of art techniques such as printing workshop, urban sketching, drawing comics, watercolor painting, fashion design, digital drawing, spraying graffiti or making animated films.
In addition, we regularly organize exhibitions and sell high-quality posters, limited editions, risograph prints and much more for the home in the shop.

Our philosophy

At Urban Art Kids, children have an easy and playful introduction to the world of art. Together with artists and pedagogical specialists, we develop exciting concepts for children on a wide variety of topics and thus let them participate in the creative everyday life of artists. Creative design is intended to increase the conscious perception of art and promote cognitive abilities as well as the personality and self-confidence of the children.

Cooperations & Partnerships

Urban Art Kids already works with numerous kindergartens, schools, associations, foundations and companies in Berlin.

Since 2019, we have regularly supported the art project of the NGO “Love without borders for refugees” with donations and exhibitions.

Photo: Summer Party 2022


The workshops at Urban Art Kids are organized and accompanied by us.