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WORKSHOP-TICKTES for Workshop Journey into Art History
DATE: 20+27 March & 10+17 April 2021
TIME: 11 a.m.-12 p.m.


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Here you can get the ticket for the online workshop Travel into Art History in Spanish

What do we do in the workshop?

The workshop seeks to spark interest in art history translated as a children’s story. The history of art is the history of the development of art through time. Children learn about the lives and works of the great masters of art as they explore various painting and sculpting techniques and learn color theory. With the variety of recyclable elements that nature and manufacturing offer us every day and whatever the imagination invents and wants.

Each child should be encouraged to explore creatively and discover for themselves the possibilities offered by the various materials. It is a way to get everyone to participate and get to know each other through art and play, because by exploring you can discover what you like to do in life.

How does the online workshop work?

  • Please create enough space in front of the computer to work creatively.
  • You need a stable internet connection
  • We meet on the platform Zoom – you will receive the link after registration
  • Please give us the name and age of your child in the note box.
  • We recommend downloading the app or software from Zoom so that the workshop can work smoothly.
  • The course is live by our artist Julia Iglesias

Which artist does the workshop?

Julia Iglesias is from Argentina and is a graphic designer, illustrator, painter and city nomad. She moved from Southern Patagonia to Buenos Aires and then to Berlin. Over the past 20 years, she has spent her time in these cities as a constant newcomer to observe and draw the places, spaces and figures with the mixture of urban life. At the heart of her work is the design process, everything that happens between the original idea until it becomes concrete. Such as influences and research, methods and systems, sketches and experiments, tools and materials. Her illustrations are characterized by simple organic shapes, bright colors and a sense of simplicity.

Additional information

monthly ticket (corresponds 4 classes), Online monthly ticket with siblings (equivalent to 4 courses), Online trial lesson with siblings, trail lesson

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