Nina Pagalies


Nina Pagalies

Nina Pagalies, born in Hamburg in 1971, studied at the University of the Arts Bremen. The freelance illustrator has lived and worked in Berlin for more than 15 years. She works across media for magazines, publishers, cultural institutions and regularly accepts teaching assignments.

Another project is its award-winning website with lyrical content for children.

Since 2008, Nina has been part of the SPRINGgroup of illustrators, which annually published the magazine of the same name. In the current issue #15 “Work” she published the article “From the Life of a Working Bee”

Group exhibitions

Best of Spring, AID Berlin 2014
Best of Spring, Comic Salon Erlangen 2014
SPRING – Hamburg, Berlin, Paris, Fanzine Festival, Paris 2013, Fanzine Festival, Paris 2013
SPRING #8 – Family Silver Frappant, Victoria Barracks, Hamburg 2011
SPRING #7 – Happy Ending hinterconti and Vorwerkstift, Hamburg 2010
SPRING #7 – Happy Ending Galerie Neurotitan, Berlin 2010