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Exhibition “Inquieta” by Cynthia Alonso

We cordially invite you to the exhibition “Inquieta” with selected motifs from the Spanish children’s book of the same name by the illustrator Cynthia Alonso. The art prints were produced in a limited edition as risoprints and individually signed by the artist. The risographic print is most comparable to screen printing, but is much more environmentally friendly because colors based on soy and rice bran oil are used. The unique original colours make each individual print special.

The book “Inquieta” is dedicated to all the restless people, those who feel this tingling in their feet, in their heads, in their hearts… What happens if we give these riots a chance? A beautiful story about the freedom to be yourself. An 8-year-old girl is bored at school, repeatedly feeling a tingling sensation she can’t control, and a restlessness that makes her move more than she should, leading to punishment from the teachers and rebukes from her mother. Ine only feels free with her aunt, because her aunt encourages her to be herself. One day, our protagonist discovers a dance class that she wants to join immediately. The rehearsals are pretty disastrous in terms of expectations for classical dance, but nothing bad happens when you get to do things in many ways.

A well-written story by Argentine writer Dolores Battaglia for all those children who are often labeled “shaky” or do things “their way”. A story that shows that every person is different and that there should be no fixed, preconceived rules that tell us how to live and feel.

Illustrated by Cynthia Alonso, an Argentine illustrator with a promising career on the way. The illustrations for this book have been selected for the exhibition and catalogue of the International Children’s Book Fair in Bologna. The texture of the hair, the white space, the straight lines and curves make the boundaries of personality dance and elude any drawer. A book that celebrates originality and uniqueness.

For the children’s book, we have produced a limited edition of Risograph prints with a selection of three different motifs. Have a look at our online shop >>>HERE

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12 Nov 2021 - 08 Jan 2022


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