Female Volume I

In the group exhibition Female Volume I, the artists Helena Her and Nina Pagalies show their current works.

The Berlin illustrator Nina Pagalies shows three series of monoprints with abstract forms. Each print is created individually with the help of the hand roller. These are associative combinations of abstract forms. Packaging boxes are pure or processed into a printing stock and are transformed into a modular system of elements, the variants of which are played through in graphic series.

For mexican artist Helena Her , the theme is “The Universe and its Oddities”. Various puzzle-sized drawings of a universe are shown. The artist is inspired by the figures and objects of her life and the places around her. The playful way of presenting one’s own reality is a strategy to transform serious topics into organic and moving forms; as if she had a viewfinder with a fun filter. In a way, these universes run parallel to each other, reflecting their desire to realize their comedic approach to life on paper.

The exhibition can be visited during the opening hours of k_eins from Tuesday to Saturday from 15:00 – 21:00.

  • Altersempfehlung: ab 7 Jahren

The event is ongoing.


19 May 2022


18:00 - 21:00