Exhibition Tour That Cloud Looks Like A Dophin

Our partner gallery Stallmann invites children and parents to visit the current exhibition “That Cloud looks like a Dolphin“. Last summer, children aged 4-6 did an art project with artist Jack Sommerville at Urban Art Kids. The children painted large canvases with chalk. Subsequently, the artist revised and supplemented the canvases. The finished works of art will now be shown as part of an exhibition.

More about the exhibition

The paintings convey places: the sea, a flower meadow, a summer and a night sky. The material and technique of the dyed frames refer to Chinese calligraphy, symbolism and ceramic glazes. They seem to contain ages. Their visuality suggests calmness and at the same time playfulness and experimentation. Children’s drawings were sewn onto the fabric. The drawings show suns, clouds, rain, fish, houses, an airplane. For the most part, these are elementary forms. Jack Sommerville’s first exhibition at Stallmann was called Rain, that’s all (2021). The large-format paintings on velvet and linen depicted white clouds with falling blue raindrops. Same basic forms, the same invitation to the game and a rejection of conceptualism and academicism. Due to the light fabric of the drawings, the stains of the carrier material remain visible. Here, too, there is an image that tricks the viewer and forms a basis on which he can experiment. A playground. The children’s lines refer to painters such as Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso or the German painter Andi Fisher: Breaking up form(s) in order to arrive at a simpler, more immediate pictorial language and a more direct interaction with the world. A playful, excited and sometimes naïve approach, a different kind of wisdom: where the nose is a crooked triangle; where cities and nature are made up of squares and circles; where splashes of color represent the four seasons. And where this cloud looks like a dolphin.

Text: Christina Marie Luemen


  • Altersempfehlung: ab 4 Jahren


04 May 2022


16:45 - 17:15


Gallery Stallmann
Schillerstraße 70, 10627 Berlin-Charlottenburg