Emma Rytoft

Illustrator | Architect

Architect Emma Rytoft has lived and worked in Berlin since 2013. She received her master’s degree in architecture in Lund and spent two of her academic years in Paris. After graduating in 2007, Emma moved to London to work there for 2 years and take further art courses in Central St. Martins She then moved to Shanghai and spent 4 years in Asia before returning to Europe in 2012.

In recent years she has created murals in various places such as Berlin, Bonn, Dubai and Munich. She has also exhibited selected works on paper in galleries in London, New York and Berlin. Her illustrations have also appeared in magazines such as Elle Décor.

Emma is now offering a selection of colorful illustrations for sale at Urban Art Kids.


Wandelism – Berlin (https://wandelism.com) 2017
YBDD gallery – Berlin (www.ybdd.de) 2013 and 2016
Berlin Graphic Days – Berlin 2013
ArchCollective – London 2013
Matzform Showroom – New York 2012
Hongmen Live contemporary art show – River South Art Center, Shanghai 2011
L’eau ART GALLERY&STUDIO – Shanghai 2011
D.A.F.F design market Shanghai – Shanghai 2010
Jiashan Market – South Shaanxi Road, Lane 550, building 25, Shanghai 2010
nana & bird – No. 1417 Huai Hai Lu (near Fuxing Lu), Shanghai 2010
The Villa – 1 Taojiang Lu (near Yueyang Lu), Shanghai 2009