Ciao Coyote

Art Label

Ciao Coyote

The label Ciao Coyote was founded in Berlin in 2017 as a collaboration between a group of artists and friends.

The concept for the label began with parenthood and the idea of telling children stories about the world. The origin was a pure interest in the universal practice of visual storytelling. This began with the old figurative cave painters of Lascaux and Chauvet. The question arising was how we as artists can use the power of art and creative expression. How can we further promote and open the limitlessness of childlike imagination? How can a meaningful, sustainable dialogue with images be created that is lasting and lifelong?

Ciao Coyote produces unique, playful art prints of the natural world. This visual literacy promotes children’s natural curiosity by providing a canvas for the boundless play of fantasy. It is an ever-growing group project in which painters, graphic designers and designers each contribute to creating new limited edition prints. The goal is to make art accessible to children. Art with which they grow up. Art that inspires her to create her own stories.

Ciao Coyote was presented in 2018 at the children’s fashion fair “The Nest – Pitti Bimbo” in Florence. There, Ciao Coyote received the “Pirrouette Blog One to watch” award for best design.