We always welcome you on Saturdays to our art and literature workshop in Spanish with the Argentinean artist Laura Salomone.

Art and Literature Workshop in Spanish - Waiting list from December 2020

WHEN: ALWAYS SATURDAY SZW. 10:00 A.M. - 11:30 A.M.

Eure Geschichte in Bildern

What do we do in the workshop?

The workshop tries to stimulate children through creative keys in a wide range with the basis of language. This consists in learning to tell visual things and becoming aware of the creativity we all have. We also want to incorporate philosophical or social concepts into the creative work. These are some of the paths we will explore in the course.

An integral part of each workshop will be a selection of music in Spanish specially prepared for the occasion. The idea is to select songs with rhythms, melodies and sounds that entertain children and invite them to sing and dance.

Who does the workshop?

Laura Salomone Spanisch Literatur- und Kunstworkshop

The Buenos Aires-born artist Laura Salomone has been living in Berlin since 2018. She studied fine arts with a focus on drawing and ceramics at the Universidad Nacional de las Artes, UNA. Stations in recent years have been Barcelona (Spain) and Patagonia (Argentina). Be over 10 years Laura gives art lessons for children.

DATE: every Saturday (except during school holidays)
TIME: 10:30 – 11: 15 (children between 3-5 years) and 11:30 – 13:00 (from 6 years)
NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: max 4 participants per course*
LOCATION: Sesenheimer Strasse 7, 10627 Berlin (Charlottenburg)
PRICE: 15 € trial date – 55 € per month (corresponds to 4 dates) – only with advance booking!!!

* Due to the current situation, the number of participants is limited. From December, we will add new children to the course, depending on the current situation. If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail at info@urbanartkids.com.