In the online workshop Journey into Art History, bilingual children playfully discover art history together with our artist Julia Iglesias.

Journey into the history of art

WHEN: 20th + 27th of March & 11th+18th of April 2021 each from 11:00 - 12:00 hours

What do we do in the workshop?

The workshop seeks to spark interest in art history translated as a children’s story. The history of art is the history of the development of art through time. Children learn about the lives and works of the great masters of art as they explore various painting and sculpting techniques and learn color theory. With the variety of recyclable elements that nature and manufacturing offer us every day and whatever the imagination invents and wants.

Each child should be encouraged to explore creatively and discover for themselves the possibilities offered by the various materials. It is a way to get everyone to participate and get to know each other through art and play, because by exploring you can discover what you like to do in life.

What do we want to convey with the workshop?

communication, dialogue, research and artistic creation.
-Use resources of our environment by using recycled materials and reducing our consumption and ecological footprint.
-Know the history of art, biographies of artists and styles.
-spirit and promote cooperative work.
cooperative work.

Online Spanish Workshop

How does the online workshop work?

  • Before the course, we will send you a list of all the materials you need for the course in good time.
  • For special topics, we prepare small material boxes or envelopes for pick-up in the store or send them.
  • In addition, you will receive a link for online access after registration.
  • Please create enough space in front of the computer to work creatively.
  • The courses are LIVE conducted by our artists and in small groups.
  • We kindly ask you to be part of the course and to help the children. This, of course, depends on the individual independence of your children.
DATE:20+27 March & 10+17 April 2021
TIME: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: maximum 10 participants
PRICE: 55 € per participant (siblings pay 5 euros extra per course)