From 7 October 2020, children between the ages of 4 and 6 will be introduced to the arts in a playful way! Sign up now and join in!

Urban Arti's Workshop

WHEN: starting 7th of October every Wednesday

Urban Arti's Workshop

What do we do in the workshop?

In the workshop, preschoolers are introduced to art in a playful way. In addition, we orientate ourselves in individual projects on the interests of the children. Among other things, we produce our own toys, learn to draw abstractly, create shadow games and design our own books including comic strips.
Expect colorful, unique projects that you can take home, appreciate and maybe even play with!

Who does the workshop?

Sofia Leiby Urban Arti's Workshop

Sofia Leiby is an American artist who lives in Berlin. Since May 2019 she teaches as an artist in the preschool and kindergarten classes of the Berlin Metropolitan School. Growing up in the Washington DC area, she studied printmaking and painting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and lived in New York before moving to Frankfurt to study painting at the Städelschule. In her work, which is often abstract and gestural, she uses symbols, the alphabet and characters. It combines painting and drawing with collage, screen printing, photography and conceptual art strategies. In addition, Sofia often uses writing in her work and is also a writer, often combining gestures with writing and narration.

References: Wide Rainbow Artist Project – New York

DATE: from 7 October always on Wednesdays
TIME: 16:30 – 17:30
NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: min. 4 max. 6 participants
AGE: 4-6 years
LOCATION: Sesenheimer Strasse 7, 10627 Berlin (Charlottenburg)
PRICE: 12 Euro individual dates or 45 Euro month (4 dates)